Taryn Passifione Makeup Artistry



I cannot stress enough that filling in eyebrows is a MUST!! It makes the eyes stand out, and truly frames the entire face. Be as subtle or bold as desired, but make sure its apart of the everyday makeup routine! There are several techniques used to create the perfect brow. Listed below are some simple and quick tips that everyone can do!! Feel free to add products to this list or get super creative! These are not rules, just suggestions! 

  1. Waxing or Threading are great ways to ensure a beautiful, groomed brow. It will make filling in the brow much easier and the finished look more polished.
  2. Find a favorite shadow,gel or brow pencil.  ***For extra light or light color hair, its safe to choose two shades darker than your color. Medium hair color can typically choose a color to match or one shade darker. Dark/Extra Dark color hair can choose a color to match or a shade or two lighter! 
  3. Fill those puppies in! If using a shadow or gel, dip both sides of the brush in the color. Start by placing the dipped brush (or a pencil)  in the arch of the brow. This is great to practice just in case there is a lot of product, too dark of color (or just a heavy hand) on the brush. It’s better to have such boldness in the arch of the brow rather than the inner part of it. (This could leave one looking angry!) Start filling in the arch and once most the product is distributed, blend in towards the front of the brow. Then re-dip, and place on arch and finish the “tail” by pressing down and fill in with one swift movement. 
  4. Take a brow gel or a dry mascara wand (or brow brush) and comb hairs into place. (If too much color got anywhere, its easy to buff out at this time with a dry brush.)
  5. Clean up! Make the line underneath the brow pop by using either a light shade of concealer or highlighter. Once the product is placed, use a concealer brush, finger or sponge to press it into the skin, helping it appear most natural. 
  6. Practice! Practice always makes perfect when it comes to makeup. It allows one to figure out what works best, builds confidence to become creative and enlightens us to see where improvements can be made. ;)

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