Taryn Passifione Makeup Artistry


One on One Makeup Lessons


Over the years, I have had several clients inquire about an one on one lesson. I LOVE inspiring my clients and showing them how to do their makeup for any occasion. Whether you are looking to revamp your everyday look or even learn a specific look for an evening out, I would love to help! 

I suggest having my clients bring their makeup and brushes that they already own. I will of course have all the goodies in my kit to offer just in case I see something lacking. Clients are often surprised how many little gems found that they have right in their very own makeup collection! 


$100 / 1 hour (minimum)

$150/ 1.5 hours

$200/ 2 hours

$250/ 2.5 hours


Let me know what it is that you are looking to achieve. We can customize an appointment specific to your needs. We can do focused demos such as: creating that perfect complexion/ brow shaping/ learning the subtle (or not so sublte) way to highlight and contour/ Perfect the smokey eye, winged liner, or simply help those beautiful eyes stand out. We can also do a little bit of everything! 

These lessons are a lot of fun. Be sure to plan something for afterwards! You don't want your new gorgeous look to go to waste! ;)

Taryn Passifione