Taryn Passifione Makeup Artistry



I'm so excited to share today all my tips on skin prep! It's so important when using makeup to take care of your skin as well!

Of course makeup can help cover any unwanted blemishes or imperfections, but with healthy, nourished skin and an even complexion your makeup can truly shine!  Properly prepping your skin will increase your chances of your makeup looking even more flawless! Follow these simple steps to be on the track to gorgeous skin and makeup!

First and foremost, wash your face at night! Sound simple enough? If you already have this routine down, bravo! Several of my clients admit they are horrible at removing their makeup before bed. You must let your skin breathe! Feeling lazy? Put a pack of cleansing wipes on your bedside table. Even if you aren't breaking out, you aren't giving your skin the chance to be as radiant as it can be! While you are sleeping, your skin absorbs even more than when you're awake and it's working hard to fight off any free radicals. Something your skin will benefit from is soaking in a night cream, full of nutrients for the skin (rather than old makeup, dirt and oils). Night creams usually have anti aging components and because they don't contain SPF, they will have a slightly heavier feel.

For daytime, make sure you are using SPF. This can be found in your daily moisturizer and most makeup! I can't stress the importance of this enough! It's a great routine to start for several reasons. It will help decrease your chances to skin cancer. (Hello!! Is this not reason enough?!) It will also keep your skin looking younger for longer. It will not only help slowing down wrinkles from coming, your skin tone will remain more even because you aren't getting age spots or discoloration! After applying your face lotion with SPF and before you apply your makeup, be sure to apply a makeup primer. This will act as a barrier between your skin and makeup. It will also allow your makeup to glide on easily, evenly and help it last longer!

Exfoliate! This will remove dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull rather than fresh and radiant. Bonus: It will also make the appearance of pores look smaller, since they will no longer be filled with dirt, oil, or dead skin cells.

Try a facial mask! There are so many benefits to using one and you can customize them to fit your skin's needs! Another perk is that they are typically fairly quick to use with fast benefits and results!

Please clean your makeup brushes (and sponges)! Your makeup will not only go on better, but by doing so you will also remove dirt, oils, bacteria, old makeup residue, and unwanted germs! You will want to clean brushes that are used daily at least twice a month. Weekly would be ideal, but not necessary. Have a breakout? Be sure to clean them daily until this subsides. Otherwise, you can spread oils and these unwanted pimples to other areas of the face. I love MAC Brush Cleaner ($15) for a convenient cleansing. It will clean/ sanitize quickly and buffs dry!! You can also soak the bristles and run under water for a deeper, overnight cleaning. This would be good to do when a brush goes w/o cleaning for a long period of time. I absolutely love using my Beauty Blender Sponge. It's necessary to get sponges damp before using with liquid makeup, so I just wash it EVERYDAY prior to use.

Whether your preference is to wax, tweeze, or thread, be sure groom any stray hairs! This allows makeup to glide on smoothly and gives a cleaner, more polished look.If you're in the Sacramento area, visit Ashleigh Burton at Tandy Lash Lounge for an amazing waxing experience!

Remember to eat healthy and drink lots of water! Yes, something that will also benefit your overall health, can also have benefits to your skin! Drinking water is essential for keeping your skin hydrated. If you are dehydrated you risk dry, dull looking skin.  By eating fruits and vegetables, which are full of antioxidants, you are actually nourishing your skin from within!!

A quick tip to healthy looking skin is a light bronzing. I'm obsessed with St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Spray ($35). It's so convenient to use under or on top of makeup. It goes on very light, doesn't smell bad, and leaves a natural, sun kissed look! When feeling drab, I will quickly spray some on my face and decollate for a quick pick me up!

Some products that I've tried and I love are:
Luminesce- Youth Restoring Cleanser ($45) and Advanced Night Repair ($99.95)
Arbonne- Genious Nightly Resurfacing Pads and Solution ($95), Cellular Renewal Masque ($65)
Shiseido- Benefiance Wrinkle Resistant24 Balancing Softener ($45) and Night Emulsion ($58), Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF50 ($36)
Estée Lauder- Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($20)
Dior- Hydra Life Pro- Youth Eye Cream ($56), Capture Totale Dream Skin ($115),
Tony Moly Timeless Eye Mask ($8)
MAC- Prep+Prime Fix+ ($22), Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream ($35)
Rodan and Fields- Microdermabrasion paste ($78)
Too Faced- Hangover Replenishing Face Primer and Booster ($32)
NARS- Pro-Prime Lite Optimizing Primer ($35)

Photography by: Jillian Goulding