Taryn Passifione Makeup Artistry



As a professional makeup artist of ten years,  I am consistently being asked what products I use and what are some of the must haves by my clients. Makeup is always evolving and I am constantly switching things up and trying new products and techniques. Although, I must admit that I do have a few favorites! Here is a list of some products that can always be found in my kit!

Too Faced 'Hangover' Primer - I have fallen head over heels in love with this primer! It is extremely light weight, smells delicious, brightens dull-looking skin, and leaves the skin smooth and foundation ready. I find that it works well for both my oily-skin and dryer-skin clients. On my oily-skin clients I just use this as a moisturizer and primer. For more dry-skin, I like to apply it on top of their moisturizer. If my clients are wanting makeup to go on smoothly, and be long lasting, I always recommend starting their application with a primer. TIP: Allow primer to soak into skin completely before adding makeup on top of it. This will help with a more flawless application.

NARS 'Radiant Creamy' Concealer - This concealer has such great coverage with a rich and creamy finish! I love that it covers without looking heavy. For dark circles, apply concealer on top of an under-eye cream. After blending it in, I will set it with a translucent powder. I absolutely love the way Radiant Creamy Concealer covers blemishes as well as gets rid of unwanted dark circles! Tip: Apply this concealer and press in with a damp Beauty Blender Sponge. The sponge will press the concealer in, removing any excess makeup, and leaving you with bright and beautiful looking skin!

NARS 'Sheer Glow' Foundation - Since I have started using this product personally, it has been difficult for me NOT to stock my kit with it for my clients. The medium coverage, semi-matte finish foundation is simply brilliant! NARS has found a way to make skin have a youthful glow without an oily finish. It is also buildable, so I can give as much or as little coverage as Id like depending on my clients wants or needs! Working with a lot of brides I am often asked to keep them looking natural and not "cake-faced". I never have to worry about that outcome with this foundation. Tip: I will sometimes use this on clients that have slightly oily skin, but make sure to set it with a matte powder. For extremely oily skin, I might recommend trying NARS 'All Day' Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation.

MAC 'Prep+Prime' Highlighter - This highlighting pen is probably my favorite product MAC has ever made. I know that statement is bold, but it is truly amazing!  No matter the effect my client isgoing for, whether one is looking to have a light and natural highlight to a bold (Kim K.) highlight, I am always reaching for this! It is lightweight, long wearing, adds radiance and can be worn under or over makeup! This comes in four shades and I have them all! Depending on skin tone and the effect my client is going for is how I would determine which shade to use! Tip: Keep this in your purse for touching up and adding more life into your look any time of the day!

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Contour Kit' - I love love love this pallet! The colors are so easy to blend and have a great amount of pigment to them. I use it on both my dry and oily clients to accentuate their gorgeous features! Another great thing about this product is the price! Tip: Don't be afraid to mix the colors a bit! They are buildable and blendable!

MAC 'Pro Longwear' Paint Pot - Some clients question if their makeup will last all day or night. I am never worried about their shadow moving simply due to me using MAC's paint pot to start the application. I often use the colors Soft Ochre and Painterly. These are similar to concealer shades and I use them to even out the lid color, help with a smooth and even application, as well as act as a barrier to any perspiration that might come from the lid. Make sure to not be too heavy handed. Only a little product is needed. I usually use a fluffy brush or my finger to buff into the skin. Tip:There are several shades that not only help hold shadow, but that can also be used as a shadow!

MAC 'Extended Play Lash' Mascara - This is ALWAYS in my kit. The unique formula actually forms a tube around the lashes. This helps it from 'bleeding' throughout the day. Since it leaves a very natural looking lash, I mostly just use it for bottom lashes. That way I can assure my clients that their mascara will stay put.  Even though this mascara is extremely long wearing, all that is needed to remove it is warm water! That simple! Tip: Add a mascara primer prior to applying to condition and thicken up the lashes bit.

NARS 'Larger Than Life' Longwear Eyeliner - I often have clients that want an easy way to make their look a bit more dramatic.  A quick fix is adding a bit of black (or brown) to the water line. Some liners that I have used in the past can fade away fairly quickly or worse, they smudge under their eyes. I have found that this waterproof eyeliner stays put! Via Veneto is a bold black color that I would highly recommend! Tip: Smudge a bit of eyeshadow just below the lash line to make the transition from liner to lashes flawless.

Urban Decay 'De-slick' Makeup Setting Spray - I often joke to my clients that this is "hairspray for your makeup". It makes the makeup last and last! What I love about this setting spray is that it actually has an oil-control built into it! This is especially great for my clients that struggle with oily skin, but I can also use it on my dry clients as well! Tip: Don't be shy! Give your skin a good amount of misting! No need to press it in. It will soak in evenly on its own!

Photography by: Jillian Goulding