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Something that I didn't realize until recently is that I have a major lipstick, gloss and liner addiction.  The other day I was looking through my purse trying to find one of my favorite neutral lip combos. It was after I had dumped out my lip bag that I realized I might have an obsession with lip color. No joke-I had TWELVE lipsticks, 4 glosses, and 5 lip liners just chillin in my purse! This doesn't include the rest I have in my makeup drawer at home. I don't even want to confess to what I have there! It's no wonder my girlfriends always ask me if I have a lip combo they can use when we are together. I have quite the plethora for them to choose from. I was recently traveling and thought that I should maybe cut down on what I was carrying, so I sorted through. I am happy to say that I now only have eight lipsticks, three glosses and had to stick with my 5 liners, haha! It was the best I could do. I mean, a girl needs options, right?!

This made me think-why are lip colors important? As a makeup artist, I would never finish a look without applying lip color. It is an absolute MUST. It finishes the look and can be used to create drama and help the lips or look to become sultry, luscious, kissable, subtle-whatever it is you are going for. 

Whenever I think about the perfect pout my mind is always drawn to one of my friends and fellow makeup artist, Kristina Prest, owner of Prest Pout Beauty.  Talk about creative, innovative, and inspiring! Kristina has been in the beauty industry since 2002. She is a happy wifey and also a mother of two adorable kiddos. She creates art with lip color and reviews several different cosmetic lines. She educates on all things makeup, art, lip finishes, looks and much much more. Not to mention, she has the most beautiful and perfect lips!!!

I asked Kristina what the essentials are to create the perfect pout. What is her secret? Like anything, a great 'base' is a wonderful way to start.

"The way to achieve softer, smoother lips starts by consuming more water. It sounds simple, but I can't stress enough how vital it is to be hydrated from the inside out. It's amazing the effects of drinking an efficient amount of water makes to the over all appearance of your skin and lips. I also use a variety of products for my over all lip care, but my all time favorites are:

•Kapland MD Lip20 (plumping/anti-aging/hydrating Mask and the Lip20 balm Duo (I use this balm the most out of any product). 

•Tarte Cosmetics Lip Scrub pencil 

•Lush Lips Mint Julips lip scrub 

•Clarisonic (use twice a day over my entire face/mouth area).

•Yesto Coconut lip balm 

•Crane Drop humidifier (in our room while sleeping)

Basically drink a lot of water, exfoliate at least once a week & always apply a balm after you exfoliate your mouth. Apply lip balm every night before you go to sleep". 

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in shade Get Fired.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in shade Get Fired.

Let’s get more of the scoop on Kristina...Personally and Professionally:

What are three things you always have in your purse? 

In my purse you will always find lip balm, the lipstick/liner I applied that morning and the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (regardless of what foundation I applied in the morning- I carry that around for touch ups through out my day). 

Single/ Dating/ Married?

 My husband and I have been married for three years and I know it sounds cheesy, but I honestly feel so blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. 

What is your favorite lip color?

This is an extremely hard question because I love so many brands, formulas and products. It truly depends on my mood and the occasion but my favorite shades are red/coral/peachy tones. 

Bronzer or Blush? or Both?

 Bronzers bring back dimension to the face after your foundation and concealer and can truly add a beautiful natural glow to any makeup application- so it is a must! Blush is essential for creating a natural healthy flush to any complexion which can help people of all ages appear to have healthier looking skin, so I would have to say both! 

Red wine or White wine? 

I rarely drink but if I had to choose it would depend on what I am eating. I love both red and white wine. 

What is your favorite starburst flavor? 

I have absolutely no idea! I have not eaten a Starburst in so many years! My favorite candy is chocolate covered gummy bears. 

Three must have lip products?

 There are so many... to pick only three will be very difficult! For nourishment and rejuvenation I use the Lip20 mask & Lip20 balm duo from Kapland MD. It is my favorite product for exfoliating, plumping & hydrating dry chapped lips. I love Lippie Lingerie matte tint formula lip pencils from  Tarte Cosmetics. These jumbo pencils are perfect for anyone looking for a formula that applies on effortlessly, feels creamy at first but sets to a beautiful, comfortable soft matte finish. I'm a woman on the go and for an everyday natural nude lip these pencils are my go-to product. Last but not least, if you want to add any drama or if you are feeling like getting creative I recommend Lime Crime Diamond Crushers (Glitter lip topper).  It goes over matte liquid lipsticks and sets dry. 

When you aren’t making lips luscious, where would one find you? 

I am a mother first and I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my time with our two beautiful babies, Sammy (2 years old) and Vivienne (1 years old). Since I am a beauty educator with over 10 years of experience in the industry, when I am not at home with our children I work primarily as a freelance Makeup Artist-doing everything from Fashion shows, Editorial photo shoots, Makeup Artistry in Commercial Advertising, Cosmetic Sales, Bridal, YouTube to Social Media Beauty Blogging. 


If you don't already, follow her!! 

Instagram: @prestpoutbeauty

YouTube: KristinaPrest

Photos by: Kristina Prest, Prest Pout Beauty